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2015 College Football Bowl Poll – Update 1/4/2016

landscape architect, civil engineer, boise idaho, salt lake city, utah

After all of the games except for the National Championship we have a lone clairvoyant who correctly chose the most winners:

In a close 2nd place with 26 correct guesses is:

In 3rd place with 24 correct guesses is:

  • Allen Traylor
  • Traci Howard

The vast majority of folks correctly picked 22 winners.

In true Stack Rock Group form Kiley Gardner (@kiegardiner) and Trevor Ball (@teeballin) are bringing up the rear with 18 and 17 correct guesses, respectively.

Depending on how the National Championship game goes on the 11th, we might have to break a tie somehow. Options on the table currently:

  • Schedule an arm wrestling match
  • Correctly answer a random trivia question, or series of questions, selected by Krisjan Hiner @krisjanhiner
  • Relinquish the honor and glory to the best bribe

Let us know if you have any other fun ways to break a tie.

Thanks for playing!!