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2016 SRG College Football Bowl Poll

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It’s that time of year again: College football bowl season.

Join us for the third annual Stack Rock Group Bowl Poll. As always, there are no prizes, no cash to the winner and nothing is on the line except for pride. 

The winner will, however, receive ample Twitter shoutouts, plenty of high-fives and maybe, just maybe, some beverages with us at Double Tap Pub

The rules are simple: Fill this out before the first game kicks off on December 17th. 

will roger friend of esi express defend his title as 2015 srg bowl poll champion?



Roger won last year by correctly guessing an impressive 27 winners.

Roger clearly has strong clairvoyant game. He’s a big talker and confident he will repeat as this year’s champion. The world is watching. 

No pressure Roger.





here is the 2016 SRG college football bowl poll. May the odds be ever in your favor

2016 SRG College Football Bowl Poll