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2016 Bowl Poll Update: The First Seven Games

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We’ve learned a lot through the first seven games of the 2016 SRG College Football Bowl Poll season. Nothing about college football, really. But here are some fun facts: 

  1. “Your Mom” is a surprisingly popular Twitter handle 
  2. “FUBSU” and “Not the Vandals” are very popular teams 
  3. Daniel Miller @iamdanielmiller loves him some college football. Or he is an incredibly good test-taker. Both are equally likely 

the leaderboard so far

  • Daniel Miller (@iamdanielmiller) is a perfect 7/7
  • Lavon Webb of Sterling Landscape is a close second with 6/7
  • Third place with 5/7 is Mike Mather with Silver Creek Supply 
  • Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you feel about this kind of thing, everyone has picked at least one winning team.

Good job everybody. Check back this weekend for more updates.