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Results of the 2016 College Football Bowl Poll

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What a ride this year’s bowl season was. So many great games. So many upsets. So many people without Twitter accounts. Of the 100+ participants in this year’s Bowl Poll, nobody picked Clemson in the tie breaker. Thus we have a tie for 1st and 3rd place…

final results

1st Place with 27 Correct Picks:

2nd Place with 26 Correct Picks:

3rd Place with 23 Correct Picks:

Next year there will be a better tie breaker, oh yes there will be.

On a side note, last year’s champ, Roger Friend, didn’t even try and defend his title. He must have known Daniel and Gordon has his number. Maybe we’ll see Roger’s triumphant return next year. 

Thanks for playing, friends!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017!