Stack Rock Group : Landscape Architecture

Team Members

Fallon Orr

“What’s The WIFI Password?”

Fallon Orr is a virtual designer and technology enthusiast from the Idaho back country. Fallon grew up in a covered wagon making her way across the mountains, plains and deserts of Idaho all the while longing for a wifi connection. 

Fallon tackles every design project with a keen eye, a steady hand and endless imagination. Her solid experience and malleable creativity result in killer designs and happy clients. Her long-time experience with the Adobe Suite and almost every other 3D modeling and animation software created, paired with a passionate ambition to keep current with technology, allows her to bring a fresh set of ideas and skills into the Stack Rock Group office. Fallon is just a few months away from obtaining her B.S. in Virtual Technology & Design from the University of Idaho. 

She spends much of her free time either surfing the ‘net with her cats or helping out her family with daily tasks. She also has a tendency to get crazy competitive when it comes to playing video games with her friends.