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Stack Rock Group Completes 10th School Design

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We recently completed our 10th school design in the last two years (2015-2016)

These projects were in:

  • UTAH

Our scope of design on these schools included:

  • Full landscape and site design
  • Irrigation design
  • Play-field design
  • Tot lot/playground design

We love schools. We went to school for a long time. We want to design more schools. 

If you’re an architect designing a school we want to help!

Our clients; architects, universities, developers, homeowners, corporations, contractors, are consistently appreciative of  our sense of urgency, team approach and timeliness when meeting deadlines.

If you’re a school and want to create a more sustainable, easier to maintain, healthier, more ecologically friendly landscape we can help!

A more sustainable, ecologically friendly landscape is one that:

  • Uses less water
  • Uses less chemicals
  • Uses less electricity to power pumps to move water
  • Takes less time to maintain and typically costs less to maintain
  • Uses native and/or adaptive native plants to the area
  • Is a healthy environment for students, parents, visitors and wildlife
  • Is a great learning environment

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