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Have you tried Virtual Reality? We have and its awesome. So awesome that we had to have it for our clients. 

The sensation of actually experiencing a building or landscape before its built makes our VR technology an incredibly powerful tool for communicating design intent and refining a design. 

Virtual Reality technology can be integral to all phases of the design process.

VR is great for:

  • Reviewing design concepts
  • Refining colors and materials
  • Flushing out design details
  • Ironing out construction issues before breaking ground
  • Identifying maintenance and serviceability issues long before the space is occupied

If you can answer YES to any of these questions we need to talk:

Are you an architect and want to let your clients walk through and experience their new building or home to develop and refine the design? 

Are you a developer looking for public support of a new project? 

Are you an interior designer wanting your clients to really experience your design intent? 

Are you a commercial real estate agent and want to help your client lease out their building long before its built?

Are you an owner wanting to identify possible building maintenance and operation issues before the design is complete?

Are you an architect and want to really set your firm apart from the crowd?

be our client

If you’re an architect, developer or commercial real estate professional we can help your clients experience your projects long before breaking ground. 

CONTACT US to get a conversation started.