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What to Expect When Working With Stack Rock Group

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By: Kiley Gardiner

Hi all! Kiley Gardiner here, explaining to you, what to expect when you hire Stack Rock Group to design the landscape at your home.

First things first, we like to meet our clients out on site to walk through the wants and needs of the space. We like to be able to see your property, take photos, and get a strong idea of what we are working with.

Things that are important to go over in our first meeting:
-Budget (this helps our designers give you the most for your money)
-Special elements (fire pit, pool, pergola, bocce court, underground lair, etc)
-Timelines or phasing

From here, we will get you a proposal for the design. These proposals usually include two conceptual plans, that explore two very different ways that we can incorporate everything you want on site. Since we have 8 designers in the office, there is always lots of creative input!

We will get your concepts colored up, give you some reference images for the design style we are portraying, and easy to read call outs to explain the overall design.

Next, we like to meet in person and go over the conceptual plans. This is one of our favorite steps because we get to mix, match, and combine design elements to create a master concept which will be the plan that we develop into construction documents.

Construction documents are the documents that we can give to contractors to bid off of. These documents are crucial in giving you an apples-to-apples bids. These documents can vary depending on what elements are being designed. Most plans will need planting plan, layout plan, hardscape plan, site plan, and any detailed elements. We like to ask for clients input on plants and materials for the design, but not required, as we usually have them all picked out in our heads already!

Once we have completed the construction documents, we are ready to send your documents to bid! We can help with this and point you towards a contractor that will make sure you are taken care of.

That’s it in a nutshell! Please don’t hesitate to schedule a visit with us, we always love looking at new places!