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2018 ‘We Care’ for the Boys and Girls Club

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On November 28th Stack Rock Group and several other local architecture and design firms participated in the Annual We Care event for the Boys and Girls Club in Garden City.

We Care is a longstanding tradition sponsored by Herman Miller and takes place nationwide at Boys and Girls Clubs across the country. The program provides children a creative outlet and the opportunity to make a holiday gift for their loved ones.

Stack Rockers Jesse, Kate, Michael, Kiley, and Will (pictured above) attended and helped approximately 100 kids create a Paperwhite Bulb Mason Jar Gift.

“It was really exciting to see so many from the design world out supporting these kids. So many of our friends, partners, and clients were there. It was awesome to see everybody being so nice and giving something back.” Will Howard, PLA, ASLA

The event was sponsored and organized by Herman Miller and Henriksen Butler.

Other architecture and design firms helping kids make and wrap gifts:

THANK YOU to Jeff Clarke at Henriksen Butler for involving us!