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We Hit Deadlines

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Most consultants aren’t good at hitting deadlines, or so we’ve been told by numerous architects.

Architects are under a lot of pressure to deliver multiple projects to multiple clients simultaneously. There are so many moving parts to wrangle; consultants, engineers, client meetings, cities, codes, stakeholders, etc.⠀

The last thing an architect needs is to miss a submittal date because their landscape consultant didn’t get their landscape plan in on time.⠀

At Stack Rock Group we’ve created a system to ensure our deadlines are hit and our architect clients are taken care of. We grew up in construction and learned urgency first hand. We apply this sense of urgency to every deadline we face.⠀

Imagine working with a landscape architect who gets plans, questions, specs, and whatever else the project demands to you on time every time. That is what we do here at Stack Rock Group.⠀

When you bring Stack Rock Group on as a landscape consultant you get a team of creative, motivated, hardworking collaborative professionals who understand your urgency, hit deadlines, and help make you look like a rock star to your clients.⠀

You can continue to do what you’ve always done and hire landscape consultants who don’t understand urgency, don’t bring anything new to the table, and don’t hit deadlines or you can do something new. If you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your projects and your architecture firm you’re going to have to do something different. Make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome.

If you’re an architect and have a project where you need a landscape consultant CONTACT US and send us the information on the project.
We will quickly turn around a fee proposal containing everything you need to know to kick us off.⠀

We look forward to working with you!!