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5 Pool Concepts That Will Have You Stoked for Summer

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The quickest way to get in an endless summer state of mind!

1. This organically shaped pool with modern accents and plenty of lounge space is perfect for an epic pool party

2. This rectangular shaped pool has a nearby modern fireplace, super-cool modern shade structure, and plenty of outdoor dining space

3. Yeah, this pool is on the second level of this awesome modern home

4. This rectangular pool is nestled into a steep hillside thanks to all of those modern concrete planters/retaining walls

This modern lap pool is the perfect addition to a shallow backyard – a pool doesn’t have to be big to be awesome

A pool is just a hole in the ground filled with water, basically. Its what’s around the pool, how it ties to the rest of the site, and how it makes the backyard an extension of the home that makes it a great place to enjoy and relax.

Will Howard, PLA, ASLA

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