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Here at Stack Rock Group We Solve Problems for Architects

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By: Jesse Buster, PLA, ASLA | Stack Rock Group – Landscape Architecture

Here at Stack Rock Group we’re in the business of solving problems for our clients. Often times, our clients are architects.

Problems we routinely help with are quickly turning around a suddenly-needed landscape plan, helping the client know all design possibilities are being considered, creating landscapes that compliment and enhance great architecture, and helping projects be more sustainable and responsibly designed.

Quick Turn-Around

We refer to this as “Crisis Landscape Architecture.”

Oftentimes a landscape plan isn’t part of an initial project scope. After tuning up the site and building plans for submittal to the city, or presiding jurisdiction, everyone realizes that a landscape plan is required.

That’s where we shine.

If it’s needed yesterday, as soon as possible, or, even better, tomorrow, we find a way to make it happen. We try our best to always be aggressive and responsive. This dynamic requires a high degree of flexibility. To us an uncharted task is nothing more than a ripple.

We always do our best to be understanding and to provide excellent service offsetting any pressure our clients are under.

Team Spirit

We’re all about the team and the team is about the client.

Clients are allowed to be demanding and challenging; it’s their investment. We’re on-board as facilitators focusing on making the process enjoyable.

For the most part, architects make optimal decisions based on an allotted budget, site constraints, agency characteristics, and local restrictions. Stack Rock Group acts as an additional layer of support giving the client added comfort knowing the project is being managed appropriately.

If and when we see a better way or room for improvement, we respectfully open it up for discussion with solutions. This approach is generally welcomed and appreciated. Oftentimes these situations become opportunities to interface between the architect and other consultants, helping focus on what is important regarding drainage, utilities, and other factors.

Often, the client just wants to know all options and possibilities are being considered.

Helping the Site and the Building Compliment One Another

There is the building and there is the site; they should compliment each other.

Architects are tasked with creating great buildings, and they are fully capable of creating fantastic site plans. Often, they simply want to focus on the building, and leave it to the site team to make it speak and tie into the site.

That’s where we live.

Whether it is simply proposing plant material that functions optimally and compliments the building, or designing a site that bring the building and space to one, we have the knowledge, experience, and the elbow grease to help create a great place.

We love to shape the land to celebrate buildings; make it a journey and an experience while also considering the natural processes that need to function.

Another Voice for Responsible Design

Any landscape architect will tell you our profession has always been about responsible design & sustainability.

Unfortunately, doing it right is a buzzword and nothing more than a marketing tactic for many. Celebrating resiliency and sustainability should be at the forefront of design thinking.

We live and breathe sustainability and responsible design.

We think comprehensively about systems regarding flora-fauna, soils, water, community, and anything else that is impacted by design. Architecture has made huge leaps in sustainable and regenerative design, showcasing fantastic innovative ways to do it better with the environment and people in mind. We have an opportunity to compliment a building and site with appropriate design implementation, which is versed in our process.

If you’re an architect and need a team of quirky, creative, motivated problem solving landscape architects and designers on your team CONTACT US anytime. We’d love to chat and see how we can help.