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Project Update: HP Campus, Corvallis, Oregon

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The Sustainable Landscape Project spanning the HP campus in Corvallis, Oregon is nearly complete.

Stack Rock Group’s scope of design on this project included:

  • Converting 28.41 acres of maintenance-intensive and water-loving turf to a native seed mix requiring far less maintenance and water
  • Improving the employee courtyard and adding the big HP logo
  • Adding patio spaces for meetings, meals, and enjoying outside
  • Incorporating concrete pads that spell HP in Morse Code
  • Expanding the disc golf course from 9 holes to 18 holes
  • Improving the community garden
  • Improving entryway planters by adding native plants
  • Improving parking lot islands by adding native plants

Check out this article by The Sustainable SITES Initiative on the SITES Certified HP Campus in Boise, Idaho.
Here is some additional information on the Stack Rock Group website.
*Also designed by Stack Rock Group.

Interested in designing a new sustainable campus OR renovating an existing campus landscape to be more sustainable; require less water, less maintenance, and save money?

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