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10 Reasons Why Dog Parks Are Awesome

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By: Krisjan Hiner

Your dog’s life, and your life, are infinitely better because of dog parks.

1. Everyone (almost) has at least one dog

Recent studies show that over one third of all US households are home to at least one dog. That number is probably much higher here in Boise.

2. Dog parks bring dogs and people together

Dog parks are awesome. They give dogs a chance to be off-leash, to run free, to sniff other dogs, and be around other people. They also give humans a chance to meet other humans while spending time with their canines.

3. Dogs, just like humans, are happier when they get plenty of exercise

Stressed? Upset? Restless? Get out there and get some exercise!

4. Look ma, no leash!

In some areas leash laws are really strict. Dog parks are a great way to let dogs run free without fear of the man.

5. Less destructive behavior at home

When dogs get plenty of exercise they are less likely to dig, chew, and cause mischief at home.

6. Outside is good for everyone

Getting out of the house, taking a break from the day, and enjoying some nature is great for you and your dog’s health.

7. Fresh air (duh)

Air is pretty good for you. You should go outside and breathe some fresh.

8. Promotes responsible dog ownership

Dog parks make it easy to let your dog off-leash without bothering joggers, children, and folks who don’t like dogs.

9. Great for apartment dwellers

No backyard? Head on over to the dog park!

10. They are a great community resource

Well-exercised dogs are better neighbors because they bark less and aren’t as likely to eat the fence.

Curious about bringing a new dog park to your neighborhood or community?

There are tons of great resources out there. Here’s a few:

Don’t know where to start and need some professional help?

That’s what we do! CONTACT US anytime. We’d love to help.