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Interior Rendering and 3D Visualization

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Whether you’re a real estate agent, an interior designer, an architect, a general contractor, a developer, a home builder, or an owner, the capability to visualize and present a space promotes efficient project planning.

Everyone wins when everyone is on the same page.

Nothing ensures everyone is on the same page like 3D Visualizations.

Stack Rock Group offers state-of-the-art, fast, efficient, cost-effective interior 3D Visualization services.

How Does It Work?

The Process:

  1. Send us your files (PDF, napkin sketch, CAD, 3D model)
  2. We will jump on a call or schedule a meeting to discuss your project and desired outcome
  3. We will send you a detailed proposal for our Visualization services
  4. You accept our proposal
  5. We get to work
  6. You receive a set of preliminary renders
  7. We revise the renders if needed
  8. We send you a set of finalized high-resolution renders and/or animations
  9. You show the Visualizations to your client
  10. Your client is stoked and thinks you’re a rock star
    (As far as they know you produced the renders in-house)

What Do I Get?

When we’re done you will have a beautiful set of static renders and/or animations.

Ready to get started?

Contact us at (208) 345-0500 or fill out the form below to get the party started!