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Linder Village Update

linder village, meridian idaho

New Rendered Video Just Released

Here’s the latest rendered video for Linder Village in Meridian, Idaho:


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Stack Rock Group is helping the developers of Linder Village with its mission of creating an exciting new retail destination and residential oasis.

With its new retail, office, medical, quick service, gas, banking, live/work spaces, beauty & personal services, restaurants, mid-box, drive-thru spaces, home furnishings, entertainment, hotels, and private residences Linder Village is creating great places.

The development is anchored by WinCo Foods and will feature shopping, dining, events and attractions, and will include a new public library. WinCo anticipates opening in Fall 2020 and the library is planning its grand opening for Summer 2021. Linder Village will also offer new residential opportunities for contemporary living close to amenities in high-demand.

An Authentic Community Destination

By analyzing the regional context of development, and through detailed design concepts we help developers think outside of the traditional “Pad Site” model.

Design Framework

Indoor/Outdoor Space

Shared Pedestrian / Bicycle / Automobile Space

Pop-Ups / Art / Year-Round Flexible Use

program elements

  • Water Features
  • Vertical Plantings
  • Shade Structures
  • Art + Supergraphics
  • Community Games
  • Patio Spaces
  • Platform Benches
  • Small Retail Kiosks
  • Low Impact Paving
  • Fire Pits
  • Bicycle Amenities
  • Mix of Materials

Tell us your development challenges. We can help you make outside awesome.