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Pickleball Courts are IN!

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By: Chris Conran

20 years ago everyone wanted a tennis court in their backyard. It was a symbol of success along with your own private pool. The problem is, with tennis, a lot of practice is required and it’s not a sport someone can just pick up and start playing. Over the past couple of years, we have seen more removal of tennis courts to make room for fire pits and other social areas. The courts become neglected and just wither away while becoming an eyesore in the overall outdoor landscape.  

Here comes pickleball. A combination of tennis and ping pong, pickleball is more user friendly and easier to learn. The courts are made the same way, but take up a lot less space. They are almost 70% smaller than a tennis court and will be used a lot more with the ever-growing popularity of the sport. A tennis ball wants to launch off a racket, and requires more movement space, along with a fence to keep the balls in. Pickleballs are plastic, and won’t travel 100 yards when someone takes a full “whack” at the ball. No one wants a big obnoxious fence in their backyard, and pickleball gives you a chance to incorporate landscape design into your fun area. 

There’s lots of pickleball courts popping up all over residential areas and multifamily housing. What place is better for a court than your own backyard?

Pickleball 880 sq.ft.

Tennis courts 2,880 sq.ft.

Thinking about adding a pickleball court to your landscape? Stack Rock Group will help you conceptualize, envision, budget, design, and find the right contractors to build it.

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