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Fire Pits to Complete Your Outdoor Space

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By: Chris Conran

Fire pits are a great addition to almost any backyard. There is something about a fire that really brings people together. Outdoor fire pits can either be designed and custom-built to fit a particular space or they can be of the modular, off-the-shelf variety.

Custom-designed fire feature by Stack Rock Group – Landscape Architecture

As awesome as they are, a fully-custom built-in fire pit isn’t for everyone. At Stack Rock Group we can always design one for you, or we can create a space where you can add your own. Not everyone has the budget to move around a gas line and create the full built-in effect.

A lot of people love natural wood over propane. Natural wood adds some great flavor to s’mores or hotdogs, and the drippings from meat won’t affect your fire pit.

Here are some modular natural wood fire pits we recommend for your outdoor space:

The Yukon by Solo Stove

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This is a modern-looking wood-burning stove that will surely complement and enhance any backyard. Plus Solo Stove claims their stoves produce very little smoke so you don’t have to wash your favorite jeans after every time you have a fire.

The Fire Pit by Tiki Brand

This is a great-looking portable fire pit that will fit in with almost any design aesthetic. Plus it has handles making it easy to move around to the best spot.

Hudson Stone 40” Round Fire Pit Kit by Old Castle

A fire pit kit is perfect for the DIYer who wants that custom-designed look and isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty. While this fire pit isn’t movable, it will look great in almost any back yard and give your space some definite WOW. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of having built it yourself.

Custom-designed fire features by Stack Rock Group – Landscape Architecture

Thinking about adding a fire pit, fireplace, or fire feature to your landscape? Stack Rock Group will help you conceptualize, envision, budget, design, and find the right contractors to help make your outdoor space awesome.

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