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4 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Awesome

landscape design, salt lake city

BY: Krisjan Hiner

All of us are spending a lot more time at home these days. With everyone spending so much more time at home we’re seeing a lot more importance placed on home improvement, remodel projects, and making outdoor spaces more comfortable and accommodating.

Making your outdoor spaces better for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying will make your home seem bigger, more fun, and more valuable.

If your outdoor spaces are due for an upgrade here are some DIY ideas to get you started:


Shade is one of the biggest concerns I hear from homeowners and my own patio is no different. It’s really hard to enjoy being outside with the sun beating down on you.

Shade structures, patio covers, shade sails, and pergolas are all great ways to add shade to your outdoor space.


There are so many awesome devices and corresponding apps to help make outdoor spaces more awesome. I’m a huge fan of outdoor Bluetooth speakers and controllable lighting.

Setting the mood with some awesome music and lighting will help transform your outdoor space into somewhere you and friends will want to hang out.


landscape design, salt lake city

Even in the summer months having some heat or a flame will make spending time outside at night more comfortable and awesome.

A custom-designed and built-in-place fire feature is awesome but not always necessary. There are tons of wood-burning and fire-burning options available that will help transform almost any outdoor space.

Adding a shade structure like a pergola, a patio cover, or a shade sail will make sitting outside exceedingly more comfortable.


Nothing makes sitting outside more unappealing than the feeling of the neighbors staring right at you. Plants and trees are great ways to create privacy but can take a long time to grow into the green wall you’re hoping for.

Screen walls, like this one, are a quick and easy-ish path to backyard privacy. When building a screen wall don’t be afraid of adding color and making it unique.

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