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Why A Residential Landscape Plan Matters

landscape architect, salt lake city

By: Chris Conran

I’ve learned from working in landscape architecture that a lot of homeowners try to handle all the landscaping themselves; design and construction. Some of them are great at it, but some reach a point where they give up and are left with a mess in their backyard.

Everyone has ideas of how their backyard should look; working with a landscape architect will bring your ideas to fruition.

landscape designer, landscape architect, salt lake city

Working with a landscape architect gives homeowners the chance to create their perfect landscape.

First, we come and meet with each client on-site to go over their project goals, needs, desires, dreams, and any ideas they have for the backyard. Next, Stack Rock Group sits down as a team to figure out the best way to make the space cohesive and suited to their needs.

Landscape architects aren’t tied to any materials, products, or design options. We don’t recommend materials already we have in our possession like a landscape contractor might. We haven’t cut a deal for certain products and we don’t have a cookie-cutter design we use for every client.

For the most personalized, custom experience hire a Landscape Architecture firm to design your landscape.

landscape architect, salt lake city

Another benefit of working with a Landscape Architect is once your Construction Documents are complete, you can competitively bid your project to multiple landscape companies. Only with a complete set of plans can you get true apples-to-apples pricing from multiple contractors.

We have numerous contractors we have a history of working with, but, the landscape plans are 100% yours and you have complete freedom to choose who you’d like to build your project. Or, you can DIY it.

Having a plan also gives you the opportunity to phase-in the design over time. Maybe your budget doesn’t allow for building the project all at once but you’d like to get the fire pit and hangout area finished first. You can do this with a landscape plan knowing that once the project is complete it will be exactly what you envisioned.

When working with a landscape architect (like Stack Rock Group!) you get the best possible plans, pricing, and peace of mind when it comes to creating the outdoor space of your dreams.

Thinking about a landscape project but don’t know where to start? Stack Rock Group will help you conceptualize, envision, budget, design, and find the right contractors to help make your outdoor space awesome.

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