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We’re Hiring A 3D Modeling and Rendering Artist!

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Are You a Talented and Experienced 3D Modeling and Rendering Artist?

If you have ever thought to yourself: “You know what? I am a talented and experienced 3D Modeling and Rendering Artist and I would very much like to work with a quirky, creative, growing Landscape Architecture and 3D Modeling + Rendering firm,” you’re going to want to continue reading.

About Stack Rock Group

Stack Rock Group is a Boise, Idaho based Landscape Architecture and 3D Rendering Firm recognized for our expertise in planning, landscape architecture, 3D Modeling + Rendering, teamwork, and landscape construction consulting. Not to mention our creative, collaborative, do-whatever-it-takes-for-the-client can-do spirit.

Here we’re driven by creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration. We value analytical discourse, respect, history, and believe we have an obligation to leave places better than we found them. AKA stewardship.

SRG isn’t like other firms. We’re not a big soulless machine and we aren’t ivory tower elitists.

We’re excitable. We get fired up about cool projects. We love working with real people to make great places.

At SRG we’re all about the process, the project, and our clients. Egos are checked at the door. A better idea always wins and you will never hear us utter the phrase “But it’s always been done that way.”

Position Overview

We are seeking an awesome, highly-motivated 3D Modeling and Rendering Artist to join our team in Boise, Idaho.


This person will work with landscape architects, designers, architects, engineers, planners, homeowners, and clients of all types on a variety of tasks including:

  • Building detailed 3D models of landscapes, sites, buildings, structures, and houses
  • Producing and presenting rendered images and videos
  • Modeling landscape components

Skills Required

  • Minimum 1-year professional experience building SketchUp models
  • Experience producing renderings using Lumion, Enscape, and/or Twin Motion
  • Proficiency in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Ability to collaborate on large teams as well as work independently
  • Ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment

Is This You? Are You Our New 3D Modeling and Rendering Artist?

Send a cover letter, resume, portfolio and/or any other material to let us know you are the right person to join our team to

Pro-Tip: Make it fun and unique. Looking forward to hearing from you.