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The Importance of Determining a Budget for Your Landscape Project

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BY: Krisjan Hiner

When starting a landscape project, determining your budget is one of the most important and most overlooked steps in the process.

After deciding to undertake a landscape project the first step in the process should be to decide how much you can or want to spend. This step is crucial.

Your budget can be a range like $80,000 to $90,000, or a maximum all-in budget like $75,000. Obviously whatever range or maximum all-in budget works for you.

Most folks we talk to don’t know what landscape elements cost. That’s OK! We’re here to help!!

Would you go to buy a new car without knowing what you can or want to spend? Of course not! A landscape project is no different.

Designing a landscape without a budget is going to do one of two things: Show you way more than you want to spend or underwhelm you. We don’t want to do either.

Just because you don’t know what landscaping costs doesn’t mean you have an unlimited budget! *If you’re reading this and have you DO have an unlimited budget please call us! We really want to design your landscape!!

Once you have determined what you can or want to spend on your project the next step is to decide what you want your landscape to be and/or what specific elements you’d like included. Our Pre-Design Questionnaire is full of questions to help get you moving in the right direction.

Examples Of What An Awesome New Landscape Could Be

  • Shady and quiet
  • Great for entertaining
  • Private and secluded
  • A bird sanctuary
  • A place where the kids and their friends will love swimming and being at home
  • Great for outdoor cooking and dining
  • An awesome space for watching fall baseball and football

Examples Of Design Elements That Could Be Included In An Awesome New Landscape

  • A pool
  • A spa
  • A bigger patio
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • Big trees
  • Beautiful shrubs and flowers
  • A shade structure
  • Pathways
  • Privacy screen
  • Retaining wall(s)

Once you have a budget in mind and a few ideas of what you might want your landscape to be it’s time to schedule a FREE design consultation with Stack Rock Group. During this meeting or call, we will discuss what you want your landscape to be and the design elements you’d like included. Ideally, we will discuss your budget. Some folks don’t like discussing budgets as we’ve just met. That’s ok!

Following our first meeting or call we will write you a proposal for our Design Services. This proposal will detail the services necessary for us to conceptualize, develop, design, and assist in the construction of your awesome new landscape.

Before we start designing, if we haven’t already, we need to talk about your budget. This will ensure that all of the design elements you’d like to see in your new landscape are feasible for your budget.

Knowing your budget allows us to design up to your budget and maximize your investment.

After we’ve met onsite or virtually, have a proposal in place, and have discussed your budget we will begin working on your design concepts!

Thinking about a landscape project but don’t know where to start? Stack Rock Group will help you conceptualize, envision, budget, design, and find the right contractors to help make your outdoor space awesome.

Click HERE to schedule a FREE design consultation.

Tell us your vision. We’ll help make it a reality.