Stack Rock Group : Landscape Architecture

Our Proprietary Design Process: Discover -> Develop -> Deliver


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The last step in our proprietary design process is called DELIVER.

Just because design is complete doesn’t mean we’re done. The project isn’t real until its built.

We work closely with the owner to identify qualified landscape contractors to build the project. If necessary, we develop bidding documents and facilitate the bidding process.

Once a contractor is selected we’re here to coordinate construction; monitor progress, ensure construction is in accordance with our design intent and to the standards set forth in the construction documents. We review and certify the contractors’ request for payment to ensure you are getting what you’re paying for.

In the DELIVER phase we help the owner navigate the construction phase staying engaged with owner and contractor every step of the way.

Once construction is complete we can receive and forward the contractor’s written warranties and related documents to the owner.

Deliver Phase Services Can Include:

  • Contractor Selection
    • Competative Bidding to Landscape Contractors
    • Construction Contract Negotiation (recommended)
  • Review Materials and Equipment Submitted by the Contractor for Approval
  • Preparation of Client-Initiated Change Orders
  • Construction Contract Administration and Observation
  • On Client’s Behalf Receive Written Guarantees, Warranties, Releases of Liens and Related Documents Required from the Contractor
  • Prepare Record Drawings of the Actual Construction Based on Marked-Up Drawings and Other Data Furnished by the Contractor
  • Provide Periodic Observations of Work and/or Warranty Items
  • Perform Post-Construction Evaluation of Functional and Operational Performance of the Project
  • Prepare a Maintenance Plan and Schedule for the Project
  • Bi-Annual Design Maintenance
    • Twice a year we will create a maintencne punch-list for you or your landscape maintenance contractor to ensure