Stack Rock Group : Landscape Architecture

Team Members

Darian Westrick, PLA

landscape architect, boise idaho, salt lake city, utah

“I Deliver Strategic Impact.”

Darian is a talented and experienced Landscape Architect managing Stack Rock Group’s Salt Lake City operation.

Outdoorsy describes someone who is associated with or fond of outdoor activities. This is an adequate adjective for most people considered “outdoorsy” but doesn’t come close to describing Darian. If she could, Darian would live in a tent, ride her mountain bike everywhere and downhill ski to and from work.  Both ways.

Unfortunately for her she has to work and can’t spend all waking hours in the great outdoors.

Fortunately for us she loves being a landscape architect and is really good at being a landscape architect.

Darian is a talented and experienced Landscape Architect overseeing the Stack Rock Group office in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has vast experience in planning, campus design, education projects and commercial projects of all sizes.