Stack Rock Group : Landscape Architecture

Team Members

Josh Webb

landscape architect, boise idaho, salt lake city utah

I’m a Visualization Barista

Josh is an Artist and 3D Designer with an amazing landscape pedigree from Boise, Idaho. He also makes one hell of a cup of coffee.

As a¬†second generation landscape industry-er growing up in and around landscape construction¬†Josh has experience and an understanding of the industry few designers ever will. In addition to growing up around landscape construction Josh also worked in the field for his dad’s landscape construction company installing pavers, building water features, operating heavy machinery and reading plans. When it comes to landscape, Josh talks the talk and has walked the walk.

Even though Josh grew up in landscape construction his passion lies in animation and visualization. In today’s 3D visual design world Josh’s understanding of landscape construction, constructability, art, software and knowing how to show clients what is possible is invaluable.

Josh and Trevor work hand in hand (awwww) building 3D models, creating virtual design worlds and showing our clients what is possible before a shovel ever touches the ground.