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Team Members

Kiley Gardiner, LAIT

landscape architect, boise idaho, salt lake city, utah

Kiley Gardiner’s middle name is CAD.  Actually, it’s not but it should be. She’s been drafting since the early 90’s and basically invented Computer-Aided-Drafting. Her favorite activities are sleeping, scientifically comparing headache remedies and showing people her disturbingly-long middle finger.

Landscape Architect, Landscape Design, Landscaping, 3D Architecture Rendering, Irrigation Design, Boise Idaho

Kiley has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Idaho and comes to Stack Rock Group with years of experience working as a landscape designer for a large design/build landscape firm in Oregon as well as a few years running her own landscape design firm.

Kiley is a 2nd generation landscape industry-er and has a tremendous ability to translate client wants, needs and desires into tangible concepts.

A self-confessed plant nerd, Kiley spends a lot, well most, of her free time purchasing plants, planting plants, tending to plants, admiring plants and planning to purchase more plants. Her love for and knowledge of plants is just one of the many ways Kiley is a great resource to our clients.

When she isn’t designing amazing landscapes and tending to her plants Kiley enjoys chasing her kids and her husband.





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