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Krisjan Hiner, CMO

krisjan hiner

“I deliver forward-thinking creativity.”

Krisjan Hiner has never met a stranger. And if you’re having trouble pronouncing his name, he’s happy to help: Pronounced like the religion, spelled like an Ikea coffee table.

As Co-Founder of Stack Rock Group, Krisjan has been an integral part of creating a firm that delivers a level of customer service and design expertise second-to-none. He is responsible for coordinating all marketing efforts and keeping SRG relevant across social media platforms.

Krisjan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and for more than two decades, he has sharpened his business development and project management skills while building relationships with professionals across the country. He has worn many hats during his career: Marketing, sales, construction labor, project manager, event manager, web developer, copywriter, photographer, graphic designer, the list goes on…as a result he has a unique ability to identify opportunities, show value, and deliver results.

Krisjan works tirelessly to promote the Architecture, Engineering, landscape architect, boise idaho, salt lake city utahConstruction, and Commercial Real Estate industries in Idaho. He has served on BOMA Idaho’s board of directors for nearly 10 years – three of those as president, is a member of Idaho Women in AEC’s advisory board, and delights in lending his expertise to friends along the way.

And he isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon! Please reach out if you’d like to talk about Landscape Architecture, construction, technology, social media, marketing, business, snowboarding, or punk rock.

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Krisjan – an Idaho native – and his wife Erika are proud alumni of Boise State University. They live in Boise with their two high-spirited children and enjoy spending time with their parents and siblings, who also live in Boise. They spend each week looking forward to family outings to the mountains, music festivals, and kids’ sports games.

Use *badass dude Krisjan* in your next Sketchup model!