Stack Rock Group : Landscape Architecture

Team Members

Michelle Fields

landscape architect

Michelle Fields is SRG’s Office Manager and Designer Wrangler. Basically everything that happens around here goes through her.

Michelle is originally from Emmett, Idaho. She spent years in an administrative leadership position for a large forest products supplier and served our country in the Army Reserve for 7 years. michellearmy500x500

She loves pepperoncinis, pepperoncini juice and just about anything green. She can throw a perfect spiral and loves the Seahawks. Her deep love for the Seahawks is problematic, however. Her boy-toy, Trevor, is a huge 49ers fan. We just don’t talk about it…

In addition to her professional and military experience, Michelle is more skilled at hunting than most and can gut a deer with her eyes closed.

Michelle’s leadership and organizational skills is a true asset to each and everyone of our clients and projects.

use cowgirl michelle in your next sketchup model