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Thomas Birch

I teach old dogs new tricks

Thomas Birch is the youngest contributor here at Stack Rock Group. By a few years. He’s 12.

Thomas is in the 7th grade, loves soccer, loves design, loves landscape architecture (he’s going to be a landscape architect when he grows up once his career as a pro footballer is over), loves SketchUp and sort of tolerates everybody here in the office. 

Thomas has the best “job” here at Stack Rock Group. He shows up whenever he wants, leaves early, works on his own projects, has lunch brought to him and isn’t really accountable to anything. Pretty sure he’s designing his dad’s brewshed right now. 

On the serious tip, Thomas is a very cool kid and we’re happy to give him a seat at a workstation to learn and ask questions. And we’re happy to give him snacks. 

It probably won’t be long until Thomas is running a Stack Rock Group office somewhere. #ChildProdigy