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HP Corvallis, Oregon Campus

Stack Rock Group is a quirky and creative landscape architecture firm designing beautiful, sustainable, high-performing commercial and residential landscapes nationwide from offices in Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • HP’s second Sustainable SITES certified project, both designed by Stack Rock Group
  • The first Sustainable SITES certified project in the state of Oregon

Project Description:

In 2016, HP decided they wanted to reduce their spending on watering and maintained their Boise, Idaho campus. The Boise campus converted their turf grass into a native seed mix that was developed by a local rangeland ecologist. This grass mix required only 4 mowing events in a calendar year and required only a fraction of the amount of water. By rethinking the way, the campus was using the turf grass they saw results that were unexpected, but very welcomed. The local bee keeping club on campus saw a 50% increase in their honey production along with the overall biodiversity on campus. After the early success of the Boise campus, HP decided to apply this same approach to the Corvallis, Oregon campus, which is their highest water-use campus in the world.

The landscape redesign of the HP Inc. Corvallis, Oregon Campus is significant for the community, Oregon State University, and for HP Inc. in that it is the SITES certified project in the state of Oregon. This is the second of the HP Inc. campuses to strive to be certified through the Sustainable SITEs Initiative. Based on this success of the Corvallis, Oregon campus landscape redesign, HP Inc. looks forward to developing similar sustainable practices on other campuses of theirs.

Services Provided by Stack Rock Group:

  • Project feasibility study
  • Construction cost estimation
  • Assembling the design team
  • Managing the design process
  • Public involvement
  • Schematic landscape design
  • Design development
  • Construction Documents
  • Project bidding
  • Construction administration and observation
  • Sustainable SITES Initiative Documentation

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Project Details:

Sustainability Certification: Sustainable SITES v2 Gold
Landscape Architect Stack Rock Group (duh!)
Civil Engineer: JJ Howard Engineering, Inc.
Biology Consultant: McMillen Jacobs Associates
Native Plant Specialist: Heritage Seedlings & Liners