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We design great outdoor spaces

We analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the natural and built environments.

Just as Architects design buildings and everything inside of buildings, Landscape Architects (US!) design outdoor spaces and everything outside of buildings.

benefits of landscape architecture

Restoring endangered wetlands, reducing hospital stays, securing government and other buildings, removing toxins from rainwater — these aren’t pie in the sky. It’s what we’re designing right now.

A few examples include:

  • Healing gardens — Working with medical professionals and healthcare systems, we create landscapes that reduce stress, boost the immune system, improve Alzheimer’s symptoms, encourage physical activity, and reduce time spent in hospitals.
  • Bioremediation — We use natural systems of plants, fungi, or soil microbes to transform formerly polluted industrial sites into a safe and valuable public green space.
  • Green Roofs — Instead of a black tar roof, a living system of plants and soil can actually reduce air temperature by 59 degrees in the summer, save winter heating costs, clean and store rainwater, and provide habitat to pollinating insects and birds.
  • Energy Savings — We can utilize trees, shrubs and other plants to lower a home’s heating/cool costs by as much as 50 percent in the summer and up to 8 percent in the winter.

A Landscape Architect is licensed to offer both commercial and full residential design services to include:

  • Urban design
  • Landscape design
  • Site planning
  • Public plazas
  • Environmental restoration
  • Park design
  • Private estate site design; master planning and landscape design
  • Golf course design (AWESOME!)
  • Ski resort design and planning (SUPER FUN!)
  • Residential landscapes of all sizes and budgets

If it’s outside, we design it!​

We work with each of our clients to create outdoor spaces with a sense of place that feel good.

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