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Construction projects are stressful – Landscape projects are no exception

If you’re thinking about a landscape project and just need a little help getting started in the right direction we’re here to help.

  • Don’t want a full blown design but need some layout help, material selection and/or planting suggestions? We can help you with that.
  • Not sure who is the right landscaper for your project? We will help you find the right contractor.
  • Have a project started but not sure what to do next? Call us. We’re here to help.
  • Thinking about buying a new house and don’t know what it will take to make the landscaping awesome? We have years designing, budgeting and building landscapes. We can help you make an informed decision.

We grew up in landscape construction. Before Stack Rock Group we were out there digging, grading, running equipment, installing irrigation systems, bidding projects, planting trees and shrubs, rolling out sod and managing projects.

If you have landscape questions we have answers. If we don’t have the information you’re looking for we have the network and resources to get you what you need to make your landscape project go as smoothly as possible.

Landscape Construction Consulting

Our landscape construction consulting services could include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Project programming
  • High-level conceptual design
  • Material suggestions
  • Planting suggestions
  • Owners’ representation
  • Landscape contractor vetting
  • Landscape contract bidding and/or negotiation
  • Project budgeting / probable construction cost budgets
  • Landscape construction administration and/or administration
  • Construction phase planning

If you’re looking for landscape construction answers, you’ve come to the right place.

Give us a shout at (208) 345-0500 if you’re in Boise or (801) 820-0769 in the Salt Lake City area.

To schedule a complimentary on-site consultation find a date and time that works for you here: